Health Security Education is registered as a licensed Security Firm (class 1 License # ). As your company grows and its assets grow, HSE can offer security services in addition to services already provided to ensure your assets remain safe and operational.

Utilising Static and roving patrols with a uniformed presence to assist in deterring unauthorised personnel form affecting your operational tempo that you are required to maintain.

Entry stationed Security to conduct Site inductions and assist with Safety and manage the personal attending site in accordance with your company policy/requirements.

HSE also has paramedics that are licensed security officers so we can combine the services of paramedics and security to one person therefore saving our clients’ money on dual contracts.

Security Guards

An officer who performs Security Guard (Security Officer) duties/tasks will be responsible for the protection of property. This duty will generally be associated with a site that has a structure on it that requires protection. These sites would include entry / egress for mines and refinery type clients, etc.

Traffic Controllers

An officer who is primarily required to control the flow of traffic or to direct traffic would be performing the duties/tasks of a Traffic Controller.

Our Officers

The primary role of an officer is to ‘deter and detect’. To accomplish this role there are three basic components to remember. The first is maintaining a professional appearance, the second is both general and specialised knowledge and the third is attitude.