Health Security & Education is an innovative medical services provider of emergency response solutions, Medical, Training and Safety Prevention Consultants. We are dedicated to supplying a high level of professional and emergency care 24/7 anywhere in Australia from a single medic to a first-response solution including 4WD Medical Response Vehicle fleet, highly qualified medical staff with an ability to facilitate onsite training in remote locations.

“Our medic teams are more than just emergency response, onsite we are proactive educators, we’re psychologists, we’re mediators, we’re part of the greater community and foster a safety culture,”

We offer and provide short-term and long-term provide onsite medical services including:

  • Emergency Medics
  • Fully Equipped 4WD Medical Response Vehicles
  • Onsite safety and first aid training
  • Emergency Response Coordinators
  • Risk Assessments and Safety Planning
  • Assist in Incident and Accident Investigations
  • Advanced Life Support Equipment
  • Implement and Monitor Risk Assessment
  • Community Education
  • Medical and Safety Supplies
  • Medic Vehicle Dry Hire
  • Drug & Alcohol testing to Australian Standards and site requirements

However tough the location or situation, Health Security & Education medical staff and vehicles are tougher! A significant component of our medical services are engaged in the energy sector in remote oil, gas and seismic operations, so we come over-prepared with a team of outstanding staff that have worked in some of the most rugged and high risk environments.

We cater to a wide range of clients, events and situations including oil, gas, construction and seismic rigs and camps, corporate and commercial sites, through to music and entertainment festivals and concerts, events, movie and stunt sets.