Quad and Side by side Course (ATV/UTV)

The Quad bike (ATV) and Side by side utilitys vehicle (UTV) are the perfect vehicle to use, if it is for recreational use or working on the land conducting survey in tight area’s where a standard 4wd will not be able to access.

These vehicles due to their versatility and other factors have become a big part of our work environment, be it on farms, construction and mining industries. They also play a big part in the recreational sector.

Unit of competency:   

AHCMOM216 – OPerate side by side utility vehicles

AHCMOM217 – Operate Quad Bikes

Course duration:    One (1) day course
Course cost:    $450.00  (GST exempt)
Pre-requisites:    Nil.
Course Outline:   

This course is designed for people who are looking to upgrade their skills and abilitys in the operation of a Quad and /or side by side while maintaing safe operations and use.

.Elements of this course include:

  • understanding ability and restrictions between the ATV and UTV;
  • planning your trip/use of the ATV/UTV 
  • learning active rider control and stability;
  • undertaking necessary skills for safe operation;
  • loading and towing;
  • pre and post operational checks;
  • operating in different terrains (water crossing, hills, rocky/sandy groud);and
  • completing records & reporting documentation.
Assessment:     Comprised of both written and practical assessment.  Attendees will complete a set of exercises to demonstrate their understanding of the theory and practical components of this competency.
   Upon successful completion of this course, each participant will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment (RTO #40907).